Helping women embody their magnetic feminine energy & thrive mentally, emotinally + professionally.

Are you ready to break up with your inner critic and step into your power? Are you ready to take your life & career to the next level?

You weren’t put on this planet to battle with your inner critic and doubt yourself. It’s time to ditch that sinking feeling of not feeling good enough and to start living the life you deserve. 

Feeling «stuck» right now? Feeling unrecognised in your career? Feeling lost in your business? The money isn´t flowing? The motivation is dropping? A lack of self-worth, confidence, even the belief that it could be possible for you?

This was me only a few years ago. All I wanted was to find my purpose, be good and confident in something & to know my worth. So I knew it was time to dive into my mindset & self-belief journey. Click here to find out more

Inside Elevate Her I take you through your ultimate mindset and energy SHIFT. Bringing you on a journey of clarity, shadow work, energy clearance, embodiment and action. It’s designed to help you call in your own success. Whether that be in your life, your career, your business or your relationships. This program teaches you how to shift from disempowered to powerful, quickly!

You see, we are always manifesting. You cannot turn it off. Your thoughts and feelings create your reality. So wether you are intentionally manifesting or not, you are always attracting what you think about into your life. As a result, most people are unconsciously manifesting all of their worries, fears and things they don´t want into their life.

But if you really want it to work in your favour, then you must understand HOW to consciously make it happen. Inside Elevate Her you get the tools, resources and secrets you need to step back into this power and make your success a reality.

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How To Manifest

Anything You Want

The key to manifestaton is the belief in your aspirations and the positive energy you are creating for the process while working towards your goal. Trust that the Universe will help you achieve you manifestation ambitions, but don´t expect it to align with your plans of when, where or how this occurs.

Here are the steps experts propose you take to attempt to manifest anything you desire...

Dream Big Gorgeous Soul

Okay here’s the thing… overtime we’ve been conditioned to play it small, to stay safe, to remain grounded and “realistic”. And overtime we begin to realise, we aren’t reaching new heights, we aren’t doing anything extraordinary, and this doesn’t feel good. We make excuses… “I’m not ready, not qualified enough, too old, too young” and this just makes us feel worse. Life begins to feel ‘meh’. We lose our confidence. We start comparing ourselves, feeling jealous and defeated.

The thing is, it’s unnatural for us to be unsuccessful… it’s why you feel so frustrated. You’re actually born for success- exciting, right?

So when you believe it’s “not possible” to be ridiculously wealthy, or famous, or even loved, you hold yourself back from what is naturally yours! 💕

Do you feel stuck in unhealthy patterns?

Overthinking and focusing on things you can´t control?

Searching for acceptance and validation from external?

Putting others needs ahead of your own?

Imagine this...

You’ve figured out who you truly are and fallen head over heels in love with yourself again. You’re motivated, empowered and getting it done. You’re showing up bolder with more confidence and impact  in your life, career or business!

You’re calling in an abundance of money, love and career opportunities - whatever your heart desires. It’s actually the easiest & most empowered you’ve ever felt.

No more feeling bored, unmotivated or lacking in self-belief. If you want to see more success in your career and more magic in your life, then you should sign up in Elevate Her right away.

If one person can do it, so can you…

If you are feeling low in confidence, unmotivated or disheartened, giving up doesn’t have to be an option. You have the power to create exactly the life you want, and girl, you deserve it!

No direction? No plan of action? If you know something needs to change, I got you!

My 1-1 experience is for high level achievers only! If you’re committed to stepping into your next level with fully tailored spiritual guidance, then this is for you. We don’t mess around on this program. This is for the woman who knows the importance of investing in herself, who isn’t afraid to put herself first and commit fully, who has already learned a thing or two but who’s ready to take it to the next level.

Let’s vibe on a little coffee call to discuss your goals and map out your next step☕️💫

Coaching Packages


1 week

1 session

Starting plan

NOK 1239,-


1 month

2 sessions

Personal plan

Full support

NOK 3499.-


3 months

4-6 sessions

Personal plan

Empowering healing

Full support

NOK 25 559,-


My clarity session with Ingerid was really helpful as it enabled me to see what is most important for me right now, and that is both my freedom (flexibility) and time. These are areas that I can focus on and prioritize going forward. Ingerid allowed the space for me to answer and explore my thoughts.


Ingerid has a wonderful warm energy which made me feel so comfortbale and safe to share personal things during our first session together. She is amazingly present in the moment and she really helped me gain clarity around which area in my life I want to make progress within. I can´t wait for us to continue working together. With Ingerid I expect nothing but great results!


After out last session the AHA-experience I got really blew me away. You made me realize and dare to stand up for myself more and now I can feel my self-esteem is building up! I will keep this as me "key" for my future to get exactly were I want to be for myself in my life. Thank you so much!